Salt Flats Nightscape

Salt Flats Nightscape

I am an owner of an Electrical design company by day and an inspiring National Geographic photographer by night. And by night I do mean I shoot a lot in the middle of the night. I love just about every type of photography, but especially architectural and nature/landscapes. Nightscapes in particular have become a strong passion of mine. Shooting almost any subject at night can add mystery, intrigue and a special beauty that shooting the same subject during the daylight can’t match. There is so much beauty in the world. What better way to enjoy it then through photography. I honestly believe that there are things in this world that nobody will ever see if some photographer doesn’t take a photo of it. When you really get into photography you start to see the world in a different way. You start to realize there is true beauty in everything and in every place on this amazing world.

I believe that if there is something that you love to do and are very passionate about, that you should do it to the best of your ability. Not the best of someone else’s ability, but the best of yours. We each have in us the ability to accomplish great things. To overcome difficulties that may initially appear almost impossible. By practice, persistence and learning all we can about the thing we love to do we become a master of that craft. As we see ourselves improving we start to realize that we are truly the commanders of our lives, not other people or the situations going on around us.

I hope that through this blog that others can learn elements that will help them become better photographers. To help them to become passionate about photography like I am. But most importantly, I hope it will help others to aim high in all that they do. To not be afraid to Shoot for the stars.

-Shayne Shaw

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