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Three wise men - Windrivers Wyoming

Three wise men – Windrivers Wyoming

I decided to start Shoot for the Stars photography blog after reading tons of photography e-books and sitting through several multi hour long photography classes that had a lot of great information, only to wish that I could have been taught this information in a more simple and less time consuming manner. I believe most inexperienced to moderatally experienced photographers can dramatically improve their photos by just learning a few photography “elements”. A lot of people call these photography “rules”, but I prefer to call them elements. The word “rules” implies that they should not be broken, where as these are elements that can be applied as necessary. Typically speaking using as many of these elements as possible will create the most appealing photos. Some times going against or “breaking” these elements can enhance the photo. Knowing when to use or not use each element is what sets apart a snapshot shooter from a great photographer.

Confusious said “If  you shoot for the Stars and hit the moon, its ok. But you’ve got to shoot for something. A lot of people don’t even shoot.”  Don’t be afraid to try new or difficult things. Usually we learn more from our mistakes than we do our successes. The only real failure is to never have tried. My goal is to discuss one of these elements in each blog in a simple and easy to understand way that will help inspire photographers to “Shoot for the stars” and become the best photographers they can become.  I hope they can find a love and passion for photography that I find each time I go out shooting. I will also accasionally talk about and share photos of some of my favorite places to shoot. I will share what I liked and disliked about each spot and what I learned while shooting there. I always learn something everytime I go out and shoot. Maybe the most important thing I can stress is shoot, shoot and shoot some more.


LDS Conference Center, SLC, Utah

LDS Conference Center, SLC, Utah


Vatican - Rome Italy

Vatican – Rome Italy


One thing I often hear when people see my photos is “You must really have a nice camera”.  The first myth I want to dispell is that you need an expensive camera to take great photos and that a great camera will always take great photos. The above two photos were taken with a $200 point and shoot camera in auto mode! Picking the right subject, finding great light and setting up the best composition are far more important than having an expensive camera. As a matter of fact, a high end expensive camera is more likely to show flaws in a poorly taken photo. The first photos I took with my first nice DSLR camera looked worse than photos I had taken on a far less expensive camera. That being said there are a few types of photography that require a camera that can at least shoot in full manual. Moon, Milkyway, star trails and long exposure photos to name a few. I will discuss how to best shoot each of these in future blogs, but first you need to know and feel comfortable with the photography elements. My second blog will be on finding and using that elusive light that photographers chase.

My motto has always been “What ever you are, be a good one”.  Don’t be afraid to make high goals and Shoot for the stars!



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